Tempstaff Co.

CEO & President

Yoshiko Shinohara

Message to young people
Try hard without fear of failure. You can learn a lot from a failure. And persevere and keep doing what you set out to do for at least three years. Then you’ll start to see many things and eventually find something of interest.

I was my parents' second daughter, and I have two brothers and two sisters. My father died of an illness in 1943 after serving as the principal of a national school. Since then, my mother, a licensed midwife, raised us. I was strongly influenced by my mother, a wonderful woman, beautiful and modest, who worked hard as a professional. I liked English and belonged to an English club as an extracurricular activity when I was a high school student.

I entered Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and did general clerical work until I left the company when I was about to get married. In the end I didn’t get married then, but later on, I married another man but got divorced. Although I had continued to work, but not as a professional like my mother, I felt impatient. So I went to Switzerland to learn English and trained as a secretary. I then landed a job with a marketing company in Austria. In that company, women were working as actively as men, at a time when only men were the main workforce in Japan.

After returning to Japan, I decided to launch a temporary staffing service company like one I had observed in Austria. I gathered seven investors, including my mother and relatives, to found the company, which I named Tempstaff. We had a small office in the Roppongi area of Tokyo and started to visit companies every day, sometimes as many as 20 a day, to explain and promote the service. Although there was little business for the first three months after the company was established, it gradually improved as I my social network grew. Three years after the company’s founding, I was warned by the government many times that my business may be against the law. At that time, private companies were not allowed to receive money for sending temporary workers to companies. This depressed me, but I was encouraged by companies and temporary staffers to continue the service.

More workers are needed particularly in service areas involving the care of senior citizens and infants, and I would like to introduce more temporary staff to this area and others to meet the social demand.

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Tempstaff Co.
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