Harnn Products Co.

CEO & President Paul Harn

Message to young people
If you look at yourself and act in accordance with your faith, people should understand what you think and support you.

I grew up with a loving, happy family. When I was a child, I dreamed of a career related to art or design, but I became an architect after graduating from university.

The construction industry had been hit by the global economic crisis. So I looked for a job in different sectors. At that time, a depreciation of the Thai baht prompted hard competition among Thai exporters. When I started my business, it was the first manufacturer in the natural soap field. Because there was no competitor in the area, we could start our company without much investment. Ingredients that are good for the skin, notably vegetable oils, herbs and spices, were all available in Thailand, but the management of my business was hard because we had no experience with manufacturing and exporting.

The hardest job was to create a team specializing in the promotion of HARNN as an international brand. We hired a consultant to review our system and improve our operations. This enabled us to grow by 300 percent annually in the first three years.

We have started new kinds of ventures, among them healing-music products, traditional flowers for home decoration and a cafe where customers can enjoy healthy dishes in a casual atmosphere. We also plan to open stores in America.

Company Profile

Harnn Products Co.
Manufacture and sale of natural soaps